Established in 2010, Y?GEN is now a one-stop entertainment shop, positioned as an agency
representing artistry, events, trade – such as an apparel and barber shop, which are five-day a week
trades. Services rendered under the Y?GEN stem from the creatives on board, from graphic design,
videography, photography, events coordination – whether it be corporate or social.

Y?GEN is a movement that represents creatives who want to gain experience in the industry –
focusing on collaboration purposes; to collaborate with creatives in the same industry too.

Managed by four partners, Maruwaan Emandien (corporate background/merchandise supervisor),
Brandon-Leigh Court (DJ), Riyadh Roberts (artist) and Jerry Brand (business management/events
background), the Y?GEN runs on culture and being an urban street brand. In the corporate playing
space, Y?GEN is equipped to move in another direction – specifically a corporate agency.
‘Aspire to inspire’ is part of the mission and vision of Y?GEN.

The brand has placed emphasis on the tag line since day one. Y?GEN set out the blue print for an entertainment agency in Cape Town and
what sets them apart from similar agencies, besides being very competitive with pricing, their eyes
and ears are forever on the streets. From an execution point of view, their knowledge and
understanding of the entertainment industry is also quite vast, and creative.

The average age group in Y?GEN is 26-27 years old. Through recruitment to create more platforms,
the company hopes to encourage empowerment, increase job creation and spread more knowledge
of the industry – get involved with the city in general.
Y?GEN is working towards being the main, biggest, and well-respected agency in Cape Town and
South Africa – and then in the next two years, be the only agency in the country playing in the music
industry as a record label. The label will recruit other artists, and take the artist representation
further, which will also act as another source of income.

The company is built on important morals: Family, Honesty and Integrity. It is a close-knit family-
orientated business. It also prides itself in efficiency, maintaining longstanding relationships with
suppliers in various industries which service the entertainment factor of Y?GEN.
The plan is to branch out of the industry in the next five years to kickstart three other businesses.

Besides being young entrepreneurs, Y?GEN members are also young philanthropists who always
want to thrive in assisting, investing, uplifting, etc.
Y?GEN is a 100% coloured-owned business, mainly to grow the culture and race. With too many
talents, too many ideas, and not enough businesses to service it, the solution is to create their own
accommodating businesses.

The name Y?GEN stems from the Y-Generation which is known for instant gratification – and the fact
that they want things now, and if they don’t get it then there is the question of WHY.
YoungstaCPT is at the forefront of the Y?GEN business. They consider themselves responsible for
carrying Cape Town to where it is supposed to be.