/#10YRSYGEN Youth Day Celebration!

#10YRSYGEN Youth Day Celebration!

Put some respek on Y?GEN’s neck – 10 Years of doing it for Kaapstad, the real Kaapstad – a decade of aspiring to inspire.

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YoungstaCPT (Riyadh Roberts) is widely regarded as one of the most influential South African Hip-Hop artists of his generation. Raised in the heart of Wittebome/Wy?nberg, Western Cape, the rapper’s aspirations were ignited at the age of 12, where he wrote and recorded his first track in the same year. Present day, the 28-year-old rapper has been described as the voice of the people, with his lyrical brilliance acting as a verbal tour guide to life in the notorious Cape Town flats.

This whole thing started out as a, “Let’s just see how many tracks we can make.”

That famous quote from Young directly resulted in the creation of the first-two offical mixtapes #TheUnknownAndDangerous & #TheAliensAreComing. From there, CPT and The Muffin Man (Brandon Court) burst onto the scene and quickly became a force to be reckoned with, within the underground spectrum. As an artist, Young only began to get ‘recognised’ by the industry after he won lyricist of the year at the South African Hip-Hop Awards in 2017.

After the early projects were released, The Cape Crusader consistently strived to do the unthinkable as he successfully completed 24 mixtapes in 24 months, tallying up a total of 30 by 2018 – a record that he still holds to this day. A year later, The Y?General tasted true glory after his debut album 3T #ThingsTak3Time received top accolades by claiming South Africa’s album of the year award, as well as, the eye-opening piece directed by Imraan Christian #YVR winning video of the year.

YoungstaCPT is one of the hardest-working individuals within the global sphere of Hip-Hop. As a storyteller, the rapper strives to use words that paint a vivid image of what living in Cape Town is like. His word play is witty and is laced with South African colloquialisms for local listeners to truly appreciate – indicating that YoungstaCPT will always stay true to his roots. 

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The duo were persistent in growing a legacy that could simultaneously build & sustain the culture yet still symbolise the real Kaapstad. This is how the most explosive name in the country came about – Y?GEN – Y?GENERATION – which has been representing the Y?outh of Cape Town with the ethos of #aspiretoinspire tatted on their proverbial chest!

Last year was a game changer for the Y? as the team expanded the business by taking over a space in Wy?nberg #OnTheBlocc with a squad of young creatives. A turning point, as not only did YoungstaCPT open up his own clothing store (Y?GEN Apparel) which is run under the guidance of his brother, Maruwaan Emandien, but it’s also located right next-door to his mother’s second-hand boutique (Raffy Style).

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Here #OnTheBlocc, the ouens pride themselves on being able to do everything in-house; from producing content, hosting events, creating music, designing & trading apparel to community based initiatives and so much more.


There is nothing Y?GEN can’t do and with a decade already behind us, these next 10 years will be monumental as we continue climbing the ladder of greatness – always giving back to those who need it more.

SALUTAS and thank you to all the supporters over the years – we wouldn’t be where we are today without you.

#10YrsYGEN #HappyBirthdaY #PioneersOfTheKulture

Tune into IG/FB next Tuesday 16 June from 3PM as we LIVESTREAM the #10YrsYgen Y?OUTH DAY CELEBRATION! Featuring 10 of the hottest local-artists from all over the province let’s celebrate a decade of holding it down for the real Kaapstad. Vang yus on the socials, SALUTAS!