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Youngbloodz is back for its hugely anticipated second season. For those of you who aren’t wys, this platform seeks to discover and promote unrecognised talent within the city of Kaapstad.

Introducing….KA$H CPT.

“KA$H” comes from Johnny Cash (the name I originally wanted to pick, but couldn’t for obvious reasons) – to him it stood out as something powerful. He wanted to have a good stage name but at the same time, he wanted a name with substance.

“What the name means to me, is something that you NEED, in order to live. Money rules everything. Money is power. Without it, you cant survive. I’m not trying to show people my power, or stand out by trying to show everyone I’m the best at anything. I want people to hear my music and see it, feel it and breathe it. I want my music to symbolize life to them. Whats music without a message, right? There are keys in my music. Keys that could open doors to growth. Keys that I’m not trying to keep to myself. I want people to grow. My focus is to make Cape Town go international. We move as a unit. I don’t want to control everything, I just want a piece.”

KASH was born and raised in Cape Town and grew up in Woodstock, till the age of 5, then moved to Walmer Estate (Princess Street) where he lived with his mom. He represents Cape Town and what it has to offer. Tourists see this city as a holiday destination – to us its life. The struggles are hidden, the world doesn’t see the hardships people in his city go through. This city is the home of diversity and potential.

“I will represent CPT 021 for as long as people will lend me their ears and beyond that. I want people to respect my city, and I will do anything and everything to make sure that happens.” Says KASH.

When he started out, he made sure all the content he was writing down was factual. He wanted to build a sound that didn’t exist. Having a passion for music throughout his upbringing – his mom would always play jazz and so many other genres of music wherever they were. Good times had a soundtrack and during the hard times, music made it bearable.

“I want my music to be real, so I practice my flows everyday. The motivation was to show the world greatness isn’t a gene, it’s a passion that is built with hard work, effort, pain, patience and understanding – and it is grown everyday.”

KA$H draws his inspiration from his mom. At the age of 3, his parents started having problems and, from that, he left for a while.
“I remember my Mom telling me every night that he was working and that he would be back soon… Fast forward 2 years, my Mom and Dad got divorced. I continued to live with my Mom who supported me entirely throughout my life financially as well as played both parental roles. She was my Mom and my Dad. My Mom’s side of the family is Muslim (she chose to be Anglican), and my Dad’s side is baptist (my Dad was an agnostic).” Says KA$H.

He was privileged to grow up in an environment where he was able to learn and understand both religions through both sides of his bloodline.
“Its a blessing to understand what its like to have nothing, I’ve seen it, lived it, experienced it. My mommy raised me from the age of 3 without my Dad being in my life. Through all those hard times, she would make the most of them and always make sure we had a meal to eat and a place to sleep.

“To have nothing and to make something is something that is not easily done. I’ve seen what it took from my mom, but more importantly she showed me what she was willing to give in order to make sure everything was okay.”

As an up-and-coming artist, KA$H struggles mostly with having patience. He knows what he can give the world, but at the same time he knows that he needs to trust his process and allow things to happen when they need to.

“Learning patience was the hardest struggle for me, as well as understanding that I needed God and the importance/blessings that come from understanding all of this. Everything happens when it needs to. Faith is your most powerful tool. Life will try and take your faith away from you, but if you keep it, faith will give you life.” Reiterates KA$H.

If given the opportunity to open for any artist or musician, KA$H says it would be a tough choice between Travis Scott, Nasty C, YoungstaCpt, Chris Brown or Trippie Redd.

The last event KA$H performed at was the Night Show (a hip hop based party in Cape Town). The energy and love for hip-hop that he witnessed cemented what he wants to build in Cape Town – a place where people can appreciate all genres, together.

“Music is a language with no boundaries. It brings everyone together. I want to unite as many people as I can through what I do.”

KASH’s dream is to perform on the big stage. Locally, he longs to feature at The Global Citizen at Green Point Stadium. Internationally, he strives for SoleDxB, Rolling Loud or Coachella.

“There’s a message in my music. I hope that by sharing what I did wrong in my life will prevent others from making my mistakes. I hope whatever keys people hear in my music help them grow mentally, I hope that the struggles, goodness, or whatever I’m talking about in my music brings people together – because that’s why I make music.”



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