Yes indeed and SALUTAS to all the Y?General’s out and about across the globe.

Youngbloodz is back for its hugely anticipated second season. For those of you who aren’t wys, this platform seeks to discover and promote unrecognised talent within the city of Kaapstad. 

Introducing….Andrea Fortuin. 

Andrea Fortuin is a 16 year old cover artist who loves singing, and is very energetic and outspoken.

Born and raised in Strand, Cape Town, she represents teens and young adults in South Africa.

Andrea is fortunate enough to have a family who is her core support-system, but she says she draws most of her inspiration from her sister.

“I look up to Beyonce, because whenever she steps on a stage, she puts on a show! Oh, and Ariana Grande inspires me, her genre and her vibe is everything.”

Unrecognised artists tend to deal with a lot of pressure, but Andrea says she doesn’t really struggle with anything, apart from dancing on a stage with high heels. 

“As an upcoming artist exposure is always a problem. You take a little bit longer with getting as much exposure as exposed artists, such as; artists on Idols.”

Andrea elaborates, “I prefer to start my own platform, independently.”

Andrea would like to perform on the same stage as Black Coffee and YoungstaCpt.

Her last performance was at Wolseley and says her experience there was amazing. 

“I performed alongside Suidooster and actor, Irshaad Ally – known as Rafieq. It was truly phenomenal.”

If presented the opportunity to take her music overseas, Andrea would love to tour in America, because her following base on Facebook are mostly American’s. 

Locally, Andrea would like to perform at the SAMA’s,

“That’s definitely one of my short term goals too.”

Ultimately, Andrea strives to enable young adults to find their voice, as well as, their talent through her music.

“I just want to put smiles on people’s faces. I want them to feel (emotionally) and understand what I’m saying. I want to implement everything in their lives to take risks and use the talent that God has given to them.”

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