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#YoungBloodz is back for its hugely anticipated 2nd season. For those of you who aren’t wys, this platform seeks to discover and promote unrecognised talent within the city of Kaapstad.

Introducing…..Ally Benaire.

Alan Serenge, also known as Ally Benaire, is a 20 year old Hip-Hop artist from the Southern Suburbs. He started rapping at the age of 12 and released his first single a year later, tilted ‘My Girl’.

The artist’s alias originates from his first name being Alan (Ally) and Benaire is to add, “Richness, style and flavour.”

“I always had an interest in music, as it played a major role in my life from a young age. My arrival into the industry came to me by surprise when I was told how good I am at studying and reciting lyrics.”

He eventually started writing his own lyrics and everything came together.

Naturally, the passion that burned inside, led him to pursue this career. Ally looks up to artists who speak about their situations or struggle and are able to ‘flip it’ into something positive for the listeners.

“I admire artists like Logic, Joyner Lucas, Offset, Hopsin, Cassper Nyovest, Riky Rick, Kwesta and many more, for the reason mentioned in the previous sentence. These artists inspire me in many ways; flows, lyrical content, substance in their music, mindset and the way they are able to share their stories.” Says Ally.  

“Being an up and coming artist from Cape Town, you have to make good music, from the writing, to the beat choice, to the engineering and mixing and mastering. This is to attract people to your music because if your songs sound good, people will respect you more as an artist because you deliver quality. You really have to work on building a solid fan base and support group, which could be quite difficult if your social media skills are below average. As an artist, you need to be active on social media, which is a struggle for me because I don’t always feel like posting or I don’t have content to post.

There’s also interacting with people on social media, I don’t always have time to do that because I’m a full-time student, but I try where I can. Making connections and friends in the industry is crucial! Just make sure it’s the right ones. Having the support and backing from other artists or creative’s in the industry really helps a lot, because then you’re able to help each other out, which is a rare thing in the Southern Suburbs. Mainly, make sure your mindset is correct and you’re focused on the goal.”

Ally B’s most recent performance was at Saint Lounge for their event ‘Headlines’.

“The performance and event was a success, Saint Lounge really came through with great hospitality, as usual. I’m always amazed at people’s response to my music, because the whole club was feeling it, especially my most recent song ‘Ain’t Mad’. The Vinyl Kid and Saint Leeuw gave some constructive criticism and shared kind words with me.”

Locally, he’d like to perform at any of Cassper Nyovest’s Fill Ups or Riky Rick’s Cotton Fest. Reason being is that it’s for the culture, for the people, not just self growth.

 Internationally, he’d like to perform at Coachella.

“Imagine having that kind of crowd sing to my music, I’d cry. My music could positively shape the community by the stories I tell through my songs. In my songs I teach people how to know their worth, how to have self respect, how to change their perspective and even how to enjoy life. I don’t just rap about my struggles, I rap about how to get out of my struggles, so anybody going through the same struggles as me will now know how to get out of it.”

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Latest single ‘Ain’t Mad’

Ally Benaire – How Bout Now

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