Yes indeed and SALUTAS to all the Y?General’s out and about across the globe.

Youngbloodz is back for its hugely anticipated second season. For those of you who aren’t wys, this platform seeks to discover and promote unrecognised talent within the city of Kaapstad. 


Reigning from Cape Town, Maccasar to be exact. Both his Mom and Dad met there even though his Dads’ side of the family came from Upington.

He claims represent every kid in Africa and always will.

His father, gave him the name – after the legendary Chris Hani, and its literal translation means “Promise”.

“I just want every kid to feel comfortable in their own skin and pursue their wildest dreams.”

His plan is to inspire the insecure little kid in his room right now to be something more than just a statistic. 

Tembisile never thought that he’d ever do music and here he is. He was always infatuated with the way music made him feel, it’s like he could escape to some place and be alone with his thoughts. It sounds dramatic, but music got him through a lot. When he matriculated he didn’t know what to do with his life, even though he could go study, but instead, in his spare time, he would write his feelings down and the rest is history. 

Tembisile looks up to many, but his first instinct would obviously be to pick Drake, J. Cole (Internationally), as well as, Nasty C and A-Reece (Locally). Right now, he doesn’t consume anybody else’s music as much as he does theirs. All of them influence him in different ways and he thinks that could help to gain a wider audience.

“They are great at what they do and I wish I could be like them for real.”

I honestly think the Cape Town hip-hop world is expanding and booming right now all thanks to the great acts like YOUNGSTACPT and the up-and-coming star, Dee Koala. 

The biggest struggle he has is believing in himself from time to time. It sounds corny, but that’s a real struggle if you consider where I’m from and the different ideals people had before this generation. 

“For example telling my mom that I wanted to rap wasn’t the easiest thing to do cause from where I’m from you ain’t shit if you don’t have a nice job or play rugby. It’s like nothing outside of that is commendable, maybe I’m tripping I don’t know.”

His biggest dream is to open up for SupaMega, AKA. “He’s my idol and I try to take note from the way he moves in this music industry. It’s really amazing to watch.” Tembisile riterates. 

Outside of AKA it would definitely be YOUNGSTACPT, that would equally be just as great, because of the city we share, together. 

The last place T performed at was The Waiting Room Long Street. It’s got a great vibe that just says “Be yourself” – it could be raw raps or bangers and people would fuck with it, regardless, as long as it’s real. 

Recently, T has been obsessing about one day getting the opportunity to perform at Rocking The Daises. He thinks that would probably be his dream performance. 

“A lot of people come out to check out their favourite acts and I think that would be a perfect platform to gain a wider audience.”

Tembisile was asked how he plans to positively shape the community and this is what wysed:

“My music is not just music, I’d like to think the content of my music is very informative from a young born-free’s perspective and how we as the youth think and operate. It’s all for the culture and that’s the most important thing.”

You can find Tembisile on all socials, under @tembipowers where I share most of my music, but you can also get him on Facebook @ Tembisile Stevens. 

Here are some of the links to his music videos:

Tembisile – Intro

Tembisile – DAMN

Mckay feat. Tembisile – Lil Momma please

Mckay feat. Tembisile – 1