YOUNGSTACPT WILL #OWN2019 and we’re gonna own every month until 2020. Introducing Y?GEN’s new and improved system that will be sure to keep you up to date and in the know how, as we strive to provide positive and informative material about all things Kaapstad #OWNMARCH

To kick things off, Y?GEN would like to send a SALUTAS to you and your kin. March is a massive month for us. It’s basically our biggest month yet. It’s officially the month of #3T.

The ever-present, lyrical behemoth, YoungstaCPT will release his eagerly anticipated debut album on the 29th of this month – #3T (ThingsTak3Time). Tell your neighbour. Tell the gaatjie. Tell your teacher. Tell your ouma’s cat. Tell everybody. I can’t reveal too much, but what I can say fah’sure, is that this will flip the game on it’s head. Like completely.

Check out how Young Van Riebeek made the mense GO BOS last weekend at Huawei K-Day!

Our baseball-inspired #AspireToInspire apparel has been released to the public. The theme is team-orientated and this is your call up. (Check it out on all Y?GEN socials.) The merch is hot af, so don’t sleep, because stocks are limited.


Good news for all those soeking the Y?GEN label (which is all of you) – the online shop will be up and running come the end of this month.

The 25th to be exact. This is your last warning, so start saving now, because merch will fly from all corners of the shelf.

The YoungstaCPT Foundation has launched and we are pleased as to how well it has been received. Be informed that entries are still open and will continue to be accepted for the time being. It is scary to put yourself out there, we know, but draw inspiration from our mantra – #AspireToInspire. Let it guide you. A bitta courage and self belief can make the world of a difference. So don’t still wait, follow the steps, email us your portfolio and lum it uit.

Registrations close on 29 March

Peep our socials and the YGENCPT website for regular updates and bursts of content. Expect entertainment, lifestyle and fashion, YoungstaCPT and ofcourse, mal kak from all things Kaapstad. Also, with the new joint around the corner #3T you can be sure to expect music videos for these volcanic tracks. Making the website a visual art-piece for all things authentically Kaapstad.

To all the Y?General’s – we see you. We see your support, everyday. It’s actually crazy. This brand has become a vessel for positivity and we will continue to be better and do better! SALUTAS!

Tickets are live for #3T the album launch be sure to cop your tickets before they sell out!

Tickets available via Webtickets #3T

This will be the event of the year as the Cape Crusader drops his first offical album #ThingsTak3Time!

Vang yus there!