The “Y?Have A Dream” project is a reinforced, community-orientated regime that strives to positively impact, enrich and ultimately, give back to the people of Kaapstad.

AspireToInspire is branded on our chest and it is the ethos where all else stems.

We want to make it clear that we are more than just a name. We are Kaapstad.

The people of this city is something we care very strongly for – this is how the “Y? Have A Dream” project was conceptualized.

It is a firm pillar in the heart of Y?GEN that we have prioritised, because it means a lot to us. We have factored in 4 dynamics that will benefit the community as a whole, these factors includes:

  • The 4th Annual School Tour, which is a great opportunity for students to have an interactive Y?GEN experience and to raise money for their academic institution.
  • The “Y? Go Hungry” initiative is a drive that focuses on feeding those, in the community, who don’t have the means to feed themselves.
  • The Winter WarmUp, a strategic, community-orientated project that seeks to clothe individuals come the seasonal change.
  • lastly, The YoungstaCPT Foundation, is a new initiative that sees sound engineers/producers/vocalists between the ages of 18-25 apply to Y?GEN for a once in a lifetime opportunity to make something of themselves in the music scene. Partnering with Cape Audio Collage, 3 individuals from each category will be selected and groomed by some of the biggest names in the country, to ultimately, follow their dream.