YoungstaCPT is back with his second single VOC from his upcoming debut album 3T. VOC ( Voice Of The Cape) produced by Pykobeats is the perfect summer anthem and sets the tone for this festive season and for the rest of his album.

YoungstaCPT has been trying to educate his listeners and make them aware of South Africa’s past and that the colonisers played a significantly large role in the current state of the country with a particular focus on Cape Town.

I Show no remorse / I am not a lecturer / professor or an editor / but an educator whose been elected as the emperor / the mother city was pure til they corrupted her / my people are the sufferers so I’m running for governor

When asked why he felt inspired about to write this song and the follow up to YVR, YoungstaCPT had this to say:

“I’m comparing myself to some sort of a motivational speaker or a spokesman in the song. Malcom X or Ashley Kriel. The voice of the voiceless. Speaking for the people. It’s a lot to digest, but it bangs with that West Coast flavour.

Fast forward to present day, you now have a young coloured Muslim rapper speaking on behalf of oppressed people in Cape Town, hence me becoming the new VOC but flipping the abbreviation in the same way I did YVR, once again, to stand for ‘Voice of the Cape’ which I feel I am and represent…” – YoungstaCPT

The track was produced by Cape Town producer, Pykobeats who also produced Yasis and engineered by Kay Faith.

This will be the opening track on my album which Pykobeats had actually produced to be the intro for my album. It’s crazy how he actually got it right and pinned it as the first song but musically he knows what I’m into and what to make especially for me.

We’ve been working together since 2013, meeting through my homie E-Jay so since then myself, Kay Faith and Psykobeats have always been a tight team…”

For the artwork YoungstaCPT has chosen to reference the colonial symbols and logos as he did in YVR. The VOC cover is taken from one of the emblems used to mark possessions and territory of the Dutch East India Company.

I thought I would continue with the theme I have to paint an authentic picture and even through thought provoking artwork maybe I can get people to research and question certain realities in South Africa. The irony of the song is that Jan Van Riebeek worked for the Dutch East India company which also went by the name VOC so the links are almost spooky…”

In true YoungstaCPT style he will be dropping the clip to VOC next week.

For now enjoy the behind the music to the VOC film clip here


#27YearsLater the Voice Of The Cape YoungstaCPT’s verjaarsdag celebrations will be taking place at Canvas Event Space tonight 21.12.18 then we back at it again tomorrow 22.12.18 at Club One Way Mamre in Atlantis!

Tickets have gone offline so you will only be able to purchase at the door R150 before 10PM(22h00) and R200 thereafter.

Looking forward to seeing all the y? generals out tonight and tomorrow SALUTAS!